November 9, 2017
Municipality: Tbilisi
Donor: ADB

For “Tbilisi - Rustavi Road Modernization  (Section 2)” project, civil works contract was awarded on 12 December 2016 and notice to proceed was issued on 28 February 2017 allowing access to the acquired properties.

Six groups of affected persons from residents of Ponichala filled two complaints and forwarded to OSPF and the Office of the Compliance Review Panel (OCRP) under SUTIP 3. The complainants alleged that they were not properly consulted about the impact of the Project and the proposed mitigation measures.
The CRP found Project out of compliance in six aspects: (i) noise impacts, (ii) vibration impact, (iii) impacts on vulnerable groups, (iv) impacts on water and river ecology, (v) consultations, and (vi) environment categorization of the project.
On 30 June 2017, the ADB Board agreed with a remedial action plan to address the grievance under OCRP and to bring the project back to compliance. The first steps in the action plan included studies on noise, vibration and river ecological impacts and targeted consultations.
In order to bring the project back into compliance, and in response to the findings of the CRP report, ADB and MDF propose to undertake an integrated approach involving additional studies for noise impact, impact on the river ecology and iterative-targeted consultations at the community level with a particular focus on the vulnerable groups.
All studies are completed. Based on the findings of these studies mitigation options were identified. Hereby, MDF has pleasure to disclose all additional technical  studies carried put as per requirements of remedial action plan agreed between MDF and ADB:
1. “Noise modeling of Tbilisi-Rusatvi Highway (Section2)”,;
2. “Ambient vibration survey and dynamic identification of residential buildings”;
3. “Additional assignment 2: a round of modeling of road and noise barrier construction-related vibration impact on 9 residential buildings in Ponichala”;
4.  “Ecological Sensitivity of Mtkvari River and Impact of Section 2 on River Biodiversity”.