The Rehabilitation works of park fountain in Tskaltubo Town

Published: October 9, 2018    /    Actual till: November 9, 2018

Georgia intends to receive financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Regional Development Project II, and to apply part of proceeds for payments under the contract for: The Rehabilitation works of park fountain in Tskaltubo Town.


The sub-project (SP) for the rehabilitation of an existing fountain in Tskaltubo Park includes full restoration of the existing fountain located in the park of Tskaltubo town and installation of additional functions as well. The existing musical fountain in Tskaltubo Central Park, built in 80-ies of the previous century, consists of three round pools of various sizes connected to each other by a rectangular pond, with a small passage bridge arranged on it. All structural elements of the fountain were made of reinforced concrete. The fountain is in a poor condition. Most part of the existing granite tiles are cracked, while some part of the tiles are detached from the wall. Electricity network, water supply and discharge systems are out of control as well. The roof of the control building is damaged and leaks, resulting damages to the wooden structures of the roof and inner floor. Asbestos pipes, nowadays prohibited due to their unhealthy effects, are used for the façade revetment.


The existing fountain will be replaced by so called “dry interactive fountain” - a pedestrian platform will be arranged in the large round pool so that people can walk inside the fountain and interact and enjoy the direct contact with dancing water jets. Water will be erupted from 2 to 3 meters height simultaneously with synchronized lighting. The fountain will be controlled from the programmable management system. In the other two pools and connecting rectangular pools will be classical fountain schemes will be remained with different jets and lights; Sound system consisting of two wide range speakers will be installed on the existing posts around the fountain at 4 meters height, from where the sound wave will cover the whole plaza. 


Detailed information is available on the following link of the state procurement unified electronic system:   

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