Village Ureki 450–Pupil Public School Under Construction

October 9, 2023

 The Municipal Development Fund of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia is implementing the project for construction of the new 450-pupil school in Ozurgeti Municipality Village Ureki.

The public school designed for 450 pupils is being constructed in full compliance with modern standards.  The school will be equipped with 24 classrooms, 4 study room-labs and indoor sports grounds. The school yard will be subjected to improvement as well. Moreover, there will be heating, water supply and wastewater systems installed. The school will be fully adapted to requirements of persons with special needs.

Since 2019, the MDF has been involved in Educational Infrastructure Construction and Rehabilitation Program funded by Government of Georgia and Donors   (CEB and NEFCO). Overall Program cost averages GEL 485 million. 144 of 171 public schools undergoing rehabilitation-construction under the Program are completed. In course of the first semester of the school year-2023, rehabilitation-construction works for 16 additional schools are to be gradually completed as well according to the schedule.

Moreover, according to the contract, completion of the state budget-funded 5 schools  is scheduled in 2024,  while the 6 CEB funded Tbilisi schools are to completed during 2025.

With the WB EURO 60 million backing, the MDF has already launched a new School Construction-Rehabilitation Program. The Program is to provide for construction and rehabilitation of 64 schools.   

The MDF is proceeding with the school rehabilitation-construction program and starting from 2024, with the support of the German Reconstruction Credit Bank (KfW) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), plans to construct and rehabilitate approximately 200 schools, at the total cost of EURO 105 million.