Construction of Animal Shelter in Gurjaani Municipality is Finished

November 7, 2020

 The Municipal Development Fund (MDF) of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia (MRDI) has completed construction of animal shelter in Gurjaani. The project implementation was backed financially by the Government of Georgia and its cost amounted to GEL 1,9 million. 

Gurjaani Animal Shelter was arranged throughout the enclosed site and was equipped with the administrative and quarantine buildings, veterinary clinic, lab, open-air cages and all the infrastructure required. Moreover, there is to operate the 24/7 “Call Center” at the shelter, per which the calls will be made for animals to be taken. The functions of the shelter will cover taking of measures aimed at either identifying the owner of the animal, or searching for the new one, and conducting of information campaigns along with the animal liberation organizations on taking care of animals.

Executive Director of MDF Giorgi Shengelia was familiarized with the works accomplished on site.

The numerous homeless animals represent the crucial issue in Kakheti Region. The risk of spreading diseases and epidemics in Municipalities is great, and biting of humans also occur quite often. The project completion will result in full resolution of the issue related to homeless animals.