Contract Award Notice – “Detailed surveys of the load-bearing capacity, spatial rigidity, stability, structural integrity and seismic resistance of the school buildings and recommendations for their retrofitting and reinforcement“ in the following regions: NEFCO/S-L-1-2023-Lot-1: Survey Services Lot 1 - In Tianeti (Ghulelebi School, Simoniantkhevi School, Sioni School) and Gori (Mereti School); NEFCO/S-L-1-2023-Lot-2: Survey Services Lot 2 - In Tsalka (Sakdrioni School, Nardevani School, Gantiadi School, Bareti School); NEFCO/S-L-1-2023-Lot-3: Survey Services Lot 3 - In Aspindza (Nakalakevi School, Oshora School), Akhaltsikhe (Uraveli School) and Ambrolauri (Bugeuli School)

June 28, 2023