Call for Expression of Interest (EOI) - Investigation of Structural Integrity of, and Impact of Vibration and Noise on Buildings at a Segment of Tbilisi-Rustavi Road Project (Section 2, km 5,2-6,9)

Published: May 6, 2014    /    Actual till: May 13, 2014

The Government of Georgia has received a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to finance the Sustainable Urban Transport Investment Program – Project 1. Part of the loan proceeds will finance the Project.

Government of Georgia declared modernization of the Tbilisi-Rustavi road section as a priority project.

The project envisages turning the existing 17.1 km 2-lane road into an international standard Category - I road with 4 to 6 lanes and 80 km/h of design speed. Implementation of the project will improve accessibility, connectivity and trade in South Caucasus and Georgia. Section 2 in Phonichala is expected to generate severe resettlement impacts. The Government decided to conduct additional investigation of the impacts and consultation on the local inhabitants to optimize the alignment and identify the measures in order to minimize the impacts on the affected population. 10 residential buildings in the urban area along the designed alignment (km 5,2-6,9 of Section 2) are located in close distance to the construction site (highlighted in blue in figures 1 and 2) and thus, will be subject to vibration impact during the road construction and to noise impact during construction and further exploitation of the road.


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