Restoration and Adaptation of Borjomi Cavalry Building as a Museum, Borjomi Municipality

Published: May 17, 2019    /    Actual till: June 17, 2019

Georgia intends to receive financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Regional Development Project III, and to apply part of proceeds for payments under the contract for: Restoration and Adaptation of Borjomi Cavalry Building as a Museum, Borjomi Municipality.


The subproject (SP) site is located in the center of Borjomi – the former “New Cavalry Building”, which was constructed in 1880 simultaneously with the nearby park. The building is distinguished for its architectural-artistic values and organically fits to the historic area – Merab Kostava Park (former “Remmert Park”). The building is a remarkable monument of the Georgian cultural heritage – its status has been granted by the order of Minister of Culture and Sports of Georgia: N3/87, 02.06.2010. 


Individual interventions of the SP include:

-          Rehabilitation of the decorative wooden balconies and decorative elements of the building;

-          Cleaning the building and its adjacent area from rubbish, waste and junk;

-          Manual removal of the recent inscriptions made on the walls of the building;

-          Restoration/rehabilitation of the decorative brickwork of the state-of-art fragments of the windows and doors;

-          Filling and sealing of cracks on the façade walls with sand-cement mixture;

-          Restoration/rehabilitation of the stairs providing entrance to the building, with their treads and landings made of massive basalt stones;

-          Preservation and strengthening of the smoothed-tooled basalt stone facing of the facades;

-          Installation of new wooden doors and windows;

-          Arrangement of new tin roof for the building;

-          Construction of new building for boiler and heating-cooling systems;

-          Demolition of the part of the existing little pedestrian bridge;

-          Arrangement of water supply, power supply and sewage systems;

-          Landscaping of the surrounding area, including placing litterbins, benches and arraigning outdoor lightning, marking of the existing parking area.


Detailed information is available on the following link of the state procurement unified electronic system: