Rehabilitation of road at Zedazeni Monastery, Mtskheta Municipality

Published: April 30, 2018    /    Actual till: May 30, 2018

Georgia intends to receive financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Regional Development Project III, and to apply part of proceeds for payments under the contract for: Rehabilitation of road at Zedazeni Monastery, Mtskheta Municipality.


Under the sub-project, it is planned to rehabilitate the access road to the Zedazeni Monastery in Mtskheta Municipality. The road starts from village Saguramo and ends on the adjacent territoriy to the Zedazeni Monastery. The whole length of the rehabilitative road is 6305 m. 

Under the SP, the following works are envisaged:

-          Arrangement of road bed.

-          Arrangement of the road pavement. The SP envisages to arrange three types of road cover:

·         Cement-concrete cover within village Saguramo

·         gravel cover

·         Granite log pavement on parking area and on the road section from parking to the main entrance of the monastery;

-        Demolition of culverts and installation of new ones;

-        Installation of new metal culverts;

-        Arrangement of reinforced-concrete retaining wall

-        Arrangement of safety fence by metal grid on the right side of the road;

-        Arrangement of 23 junctions with asphalt-concrete cover and construction of 6 junctions with crushed aggregates; arrangement of 35 entrances to private yards with asphalt-concrete cover and 2 entrances to yard with crushed aggregates;

-        Installation of the road signs and guard rail on the dangerous road sections;

-        Arrangement of the pavement by granite log on bypass road from main entrance to back entrance of the Monastery along the Monastery wall.

Detailed information is available on the following link of the state procurement unified electronic system: