Rehabilitaiton of “Alley of Heroes” and Construction of Pedestrian Bridge Crossings Ends Up

June 6, 2024

 Zhiuli Shartava Alley of Heroes and pedestrian bridge crossings in Batumi City have undergone full rehabilitation and construction.

The rehabilitation project of the “Alley of Heroes” (1 km length), adjacent to the new central stadium of the city, has undergone execution by Municipal Development Fund (MDF) of Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure (MRDI) within the “Upgraded Regions” Program.

The underground utilities were replaced, irrigation system was arranged, stamped concrete for the roadway, as well as the pedestrian paths, commercial and recreation areas, fountains, and bike racks were arranged, and 2118 pieces of various decorative lamps were installed, as stipulated by the project.

The decorative flowerbeds, installations, benches, waste bins and recreational areas of modern type, roofed and equipped with chargers for electrical appliances were arranged there within the alley.

The dendrology of the alley was changed and upgraded with 12000 green plants (trees, bushes) of different species, selected per regional climate conditions.

3 pedestrian crossing bridges of metal structures, binding the sections of the alley, have been finalized as well. There will be arranged the carriagways of ramp type over the bridges, and decorative elements and multifunctional lighting will be arranged too. The elevators designated for the people with disabilities were also arranged on the bridges.

The pedestrian bridge crossing alongside with the ramp will ensure the connection between the three-sectional sections of the boulevard, as well as linkage of the boulevard with the beach.

The alley of heroes represents the space of high intensive development, which had been in quite poor condition and dysfunctional because of that. The project provided for the development of its spatial and functional load. The project implementation was scheduled to be executed into two stages due to  its large scale. The works have been finalized and the new recreation space has already been added to Batumi City for the new tourist season to come.

The project was funded with up to GEL 35 million out of the state budget.