Active Rehabilitation Phase of Infrastructural Projects in Dedoplistskaro

October 17, 2023

 The Municipal Development Fund (MDF) of Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia (MRDI) implements the infrastructural projects in Dedoplistskaro Town under “Upgraded Regions” Program, commenced per initiative of Prime Minister of Georgia.

The first and second stage works have already been finalized within that program, whilst the Central Park undergoes rehabilitation as of to date.

The sites of current and completed works were visited by First Deputy Executive Director of MDF Giorgi Tsibadze along with the Dedoplistskaro Municipality Mayor Nikoloz Janiashvili.

Within the program the Memorial, dedicated to those who did not return home, undergoes rehabilitation, whereas artificial lake, pedestrian and bike paths are being arranged, and the piers around the lake and lake crossing bridge are being constructed. The football pitch in the vicinity of the park is also under rehabilitaton. 

As a result of funding  of the first stage works within the “Upgraded Regions” Program, rehabilitation of Rustaveli and Hereti Streets have been finalized. 40 buildings underwent rehabilitation, and pedestrian paths, fountain and benches were arranged.

The second stage works, funded under the same Program, resulted in rehabilitation of  Rustaveli, Hereti, Pirosmani, Gorgasali and Theatre Streets. The pedestrian paths, available fences and gates underwent refurbishment too. The squares, being on Rustaveli and Hereti Streets underwent complete rehabilitation and full upgrade. The project implementation resulted also in replacing of the drainage system on Hereti Street.

The program implementation is funded by the Government of Georgia (GoG) at total investment, amounting to GEL 30.6 million.