Third Stage Works Ongoing in Rustavi under the „Upgraded Regions” Program

October 3, 2023

 Third stage works are in progress in Rustavi under the Upgraded Regions” Program initiated by the Prime-Minister of Georgia.  

Davit Tabidze - Executive Director of the Municipal Development Fund, Giorgi Dokhturashvili – Authorized Representative of the State in Kvemo Kartli and Nino Latsabidze – Mayor of Rustavi City inspected the rehabilitation project site.   

First and second stage works under the „Upgraded Regions” Program are already completed, which provided for rehabilitation of 12 buildings on Megobroba Avenue, as well as  rehabilitation of Queen Tamar, Zhiuli Shartava and Shota Rustaveli squares, the public park existing on Lado Meskhishvili street and the  one adjoining Memorial of Glory.

Currently, third stage works under the program are in progress, which envisage rehabilitation of 7 buildings on Megobroba Avenue and arrangement of street lighting, along with bike and pedestrian paths. 

The program is funded by Government of Georgia and its total investment is equal to GEL 63.7  million.