"Renewed Regions" program initiated by the Prime Minister of Georgia in all municipalities of the country is in an active phase

November 21, 2022

Several Projects being implemented in Kakheti Region with Program funding.


The works considered by the project are also being executed in Dedoplistskaro City.


Rehabilitation of 37 buildings and of the fountain is at its final stage. Niko Pirosmani Museum also undergoes rehabilitation. The pedestrian path of Rustaveli and Hereti Streets is to be rehabilitated, wall and arch will be arranged, and the outdoor lighting poles will be replaced within the project. The memorial to commemorate those who never returned home is to be rehabilitated and full refurbishment of park in Dedoplistskaro is to take place as well. 


The 4-year “Upgraded Regions” Program covers 63 Municipalities across Georgia and estimated cost of its first stage only amounts to GEL 500 million. The program envisages urban upgrade of regions, signifying development of important facilities owned by state, municipality and of the ones, being in private ownership.

Upon program finalization, the central streets of regions will be rehabilitated and the new squares and other municipal infrastructure will be arranged. The urban locations upgraded as a result of new projects will create new opportunities for local population.