Gori Gets 10 New Buses of Modern Standards out of 175 Designated for Regions

December 12, 2020

 MDF of MRDI has delivered 10 buses of EURO 5 Standard to Gori City. These buses are out of 175 ones, designated to be handed to 6 cities within Municipal Transport Development Program.

The program undergoes implementation with financial backing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and provides for acquiring of 175 new buses of modern standards at the cost of 18, 7 Million EUR in total for various Municipalities.

The project will enable the citizens of that cities to apply modern, comfortable and environmentally friendly buses, meeting technical requirements of all modern European standards, including the ones stipulated for ventilation system.

There had been selected 6 cities throughout Georgia for municipal transport development purposes. Out of 175 buses per 10 ones will be delivered to Telavi and Poti, while Gori is to receive 30 ones, 25 will be handed to Zugdidi, and Rustavi will receive 40 buses, whereas Kutaisi will get 60 ones. 

The program will enable the cities to develop their municipal transport sector, and the local population will use modern, comfortable and what the most important is, environmentally friendly buses.

175 buses are to be delivered on a stage-by-stage basis to different municipalities until spring 2021. The Municipalities will define the routes and transport corridors of that new buses.

As of to date, 10 new buses designated for 50 passengers have been delivered to Gori. Until spring of upcoming year there are to be ensured supply of more 20 new buses (including 12 ones designated for 83 passengers) to the City. All vehicle means are completely adapted for the needs of the people with disabilities.