Gelati Monastery Temporary Roofing Works Completed

November 24, 2020

 The Municipal Development Fund of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia has completed Gelati Monastery temporary roofing works in cooperation with the NACHP.

As a result of accomplished works, the monastery complex will be fully protected in course of winter  period;  concurrently,  roof tile manufacturing works required for permanent roofing are in active phase.

On the instruction of the Municipal Development Fund, all series of roof tiles commissioned by the contractor company will be subjected to additional expertise and the monastery will be roofed only following the named activities.   

Present temporary roofing works for Gelati monastery were performed by the contractor, within the defects liability period timeframe set under the contract and the state did not incur any additional charges in this respect.  

The Municipal Development Fund commenced careful examination of the issue immediately upon revealing defects on the monastery complex. The MDF caused the contractor and  international consuting companies  to remedy existing defects on the monastery complex, as provided for by the one-year guarantee term  under the executed contract. 

The Municipal Development Fund and the NACHP are gradually and consistently carrying out all measures required for timely correction of existing defects.