Population of 5 Villages in Imereti, including One Borderline Village Perevi to Benefit from 24-hour Water Supply

October 15, 2020

 The Municipal Development Fund of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia is undertaking works for arrangement of water supply network in villages of Sachkhere Municipality. Cost of European Investment Bank-backed project amounts to GEL  11.5 million.

The project provides for arrangement of water supply network for 5 villages, including one borderline village Perevi; to this effect it envisages construction of headworks, pipelines, reservoirs, water neutralization stations, and distributions networks required for water supply system.  There will be water meters installed in the villages, as well.

For the time being, there is no water supply system existing in the villages. There are small, hand-built networks and storage tanks arranged in certain neighborhoods, which fail to meet set standards.   For the most part, the population makes use of local springs and well water.  

Following project completion, an average of 3400 inhabitants residing in Perevi, Jria, Darkha, Chali and Speti are to benefit from 24-hours water supply.