French Experts Active Involvement in Chiatura Cableway Construction

July 27, 2020

 The cableways in Chiatura undergo the final stage of construction. Upon resumption of flights for business visitors,  experts of French Companies “TechCable” and “POMA” arrived in Georgia several days ago by the very first flight and have already been  actively involved in construction process.

Construction of structural part and installation of two ways of cables have been finalized to date. Construction of two ways of cable, testing of all four sations and compliance with safety standards are to be provided ahead.

Completion of the cableways and stations construction will result in full resumption of central stations and four ways out of it.

In the course of cables installation and testing, power supply will be restricted for safety purposes in some part of Chiatura Town.

MDF is to finalize construction works of Chiatura cableways this fall.

As per the regulation set by the Board, French Experts of “Techcable” and “POMA” are to undergo PCR test once in 3 days during 14 days. Moreover, all  regulations being effective in Georgia will be adhered in the course of works execution.