The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia Additionally Announces Bidding for Construction of Three Schools

June 10, 2020

 The Municipal Development Fund of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia announced bidding for design and construction of three new schools. These schools are as follows: Marneuli Municipality Village Sabirkendi Public School #1 designed for 450 pupils,  Gori Municipality Village Kere Public School designed for 90 pupils and Sighnaghi Municipality Kvemo Machkhaani Public School designed for 90 pupils.   

Each of the above-mentioned schools will be arranged with observance of international standards and will be fully adapted to needs of disabled persons.   There will be classrooms, WCs, sports grounds arranged in the school; the school yard will undergo improvement works. In addition, there will be heating, water supply and wastewater systems arranged for the school building.   

The Municipal Development Fund has been engaged in the school construction and rehabilitation program since 2019. Design-construction works funded by the Government are already initiated for 59 schools, design works are in progress for 80 schools subject to rehabilitation. Besides, energy-efficiency component strengthening works funded by the donor organization have been commenced for 20 schools. The Program is backed by GoG and donors  (CEB and NEFCO). Total program cost is exceeding GEL 220 million.

Further detailed information on the bidding for construction of three new schools is placed on the webpage of the   Municipal Development Fund: