MRDI Finishes Construction of Vani Museum

May 20, 2020

 The Municipal Development Fund (MDF) of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastucture of Georgia (MRDI) has completed construciton of Vani Muzeum and rehabilititon of its adjacent site.


Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia Maya Tskitishvili and Executive Director of MDF Giorgi Shengelia visited the site of works accomplished. According to Minister, archeological wealth of Vani was requiring throughly new Museum Complex to be equipped in compliance with modern standards. “Some rehabilitation works at this Complex were carried out 35 years ago. Completely new Museum Complex will be ready from summer to host the citizens of our country, as well as visitors to Georgia. We do hope that in post pandemic period the new tourist destination will be highly attractive  for Georgians as well as for those tourists who wish to visit Georgia, and by July when the country is to be ready to open the tourist seaon, the staff of the national Museum along with its new exposition will also be ready to host the visitors” – Vice-Premier declared.



The value of the project executed with funancial support from the World Bank (WB) amounts to GEL 20 million.



Within the project there are to be arranged also the parking lot, small library, lab, café and an adminstiative office at the new four-storey building.



The building is throughly adapted for the people with disabilities.



Archeological Museum of Vani has been rehabiltated for the first time since 1985. Upon project finalization it will equal to international standards and be completely equipped with the inventory of modern standards.



Simultaneously with construction, MDF completed also rehabilitation of an access road to the Archeological Museum and of the fences that were available at the adacent site.



Execution of rehabilitation-reconstruction project will assist to protection of archeological space of Vani, development of tourist infrastructure and employment of local residents.