Giorgi Shengelia along with WB representatives visiting projects in Tskaltubo

October 8, 2019

 Executive Director of Municipal Development Fund of Georgia (MDF) Giorgi Shengelia along with World Bank Regional Director for the South Caucasus Sebastian Molineus and Tskaltubo Mayor Grigol Ioseliani, visited the current and completed projects in Tskaltubo.


MDF has already finalized landscaping/improving of Tskaltubo Central Park and Tsivi Lake and irrigation system installing. Tskaltubo WWTP undergoes construction and the fountain of the central park is being rehabilitated  by MDF as of to date. The referenced projects are to be finalized at the end of the current year.


Majority of above referenced projects are funded within the WB Regional Development Project 2 (RDP 2), consisting of several components as follows: infrastructural investment, urban renovation and development of tourist routes. Above mentioned component envisages urban renovation of Tskaltubo Town and financing of investment projects for development of touristic routes.


Implementation of that projects will back further development of tourist potential of the country, and increase the number of employees and visitors.