70 Million EUR delivered to MDF for Construction and Rehabilitation of Schools

June 18, 2019

Today the World Bank's Regional Director for the South Caucasus Mercy Tembon, Minister of Finance of Georgia Ivane Machavariani and Executive Director of MDF Giorgi Shengelia signed the Loan and Project Agreement at the cost of 90 million EUR for implementation of “Innovations, Inclusive Education and Quality” Project. The project will assist to human capital development by raising the availability of preschool education and providing qualitative education and favorable learning environment. The Executive Directors Board of the WB approved the referenced loan for Georgia on May 29th, 2019.


Out of 90 million EUR there was delivered 70 million EUR to MDF for construction and rehabilitation of schools.

The project is to support the reform of preschool, secondary and higher education and aims at increasing the quality of early education, care and involvement, as well as raising the quality of learning-teaching within the secondary educational system, enhancing financing mechanisms in higher education and assisting internationalization, consolidating the system, communicating with concerned parties and enhancing the project and monitoring system.

“Innovations, Inclusive Education and Quality” Project will assist to development of the main resource – human capital by means of increasing availability of preschool education, qualitative education and favorable learning environment” - Minister of Finance Ivane Machavariani declared and thanked the WB team and its local office for the support.

“In the course of transformation of the education system that undergoes implementation at the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports there are involved various donor organizations. I would like to thank all of them, however one of the most distinguished supporter in all that process is the World Bank. I would like to express deep gratitude for that support – not only for significant resources, but also for sharing of experience and competences and great effort made for the sector of education by the World Bank. This support is a significant factor that will result in unconditional success of the reform”- Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia Mikheil Batiashvili stated.

“Georgia proceeds with investing in its citizens. The aim of the referenced project is to support Georgia in attracting the investments to the human capital and raising the innovations and productivity in competitive global economy. By preparing the sustainable base and enhancing the human capital the project will increase the possibilities of Georgia for achieving the welfare of each citizen”- World Bank's Regional Director for the South Caucasus Mercy Tembon declared.

It is considered at the WB that the referenced changes represent considerable innovation in the reform of education of Georgia that will assist to preparation of the state for the labor market and economy of the 21st century. Within the referenced project the emphasize will be made on establishment of inclusive principles in pedagogy and learning process, quality and innovations at preschool, secondary and higher educational institutions that will be beneficial for every citizen.

Among the direct beneficiaries of the project there are the students of state as well as of private preschool educational institutions, students of higher educational institutions, teachers of schools and staffers of administration.

The project will provide the support to gender equality, students from vulnerable groups of population (students from villages and high mountainous regions with low social-economic status), and the ones that represent the ethnic minorities along with the students with special educational needs. By means of renovated academic programs the project will assist also to students of higher educational institutions.

The project is in full compliance with the cooperation strategy of the WB with Georgia for the years 2019-2022 and assists the Government of Georgia in execution of the education reform for 2018-2023.