Bidding announced for design and build of parking lots in Gudauri, Kobi and Bakuriani

May 13, 2019

The Municipal Development Fund (MDF) of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia (MRDI) has announced the Bidding for design and build of parking lots in Gudauri, Kobi and Bakuriani.

There are to be designed and built the parking lots designated for 700 vehicles in Kobi. The parking lot will be designated for 680 cars, 15 micro-buses and 5 buses. The project envisages also arrangement of WCs and a cafeteria, as well as of the units for rental and storage of skis.

There is scheduled the multi-functional parking lot of single level to be built in borough Gudauri, designated for 200 cars and 2 buses. There are to be arranged WCs, skis rental and storage units within the project there.

Parking lot is scheduled to be built in Bakuriani too. The Bidding has been announced for design and build of the parking lot, designated for 1100 vehicles (including 980 cars, 80 micro-buses and 40 buses). At the first stage there are to be executed the design works, and construction will be implemented at the next stage.

All three parking lots will be adopted for the needs of people with disabilities. Implementation of projects will assist to improvement of tourist infrastructure in Gudauri, Kobi and Bakuriani and remediation of issues identified at resorts due to increased number of holiday-makers during the peak period.