Zugdidi Botanical Garden Rehabilitation Project in Progress

May 7, 2018

Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure – Ilia Begiashvili   together with local authorities was visiting the ongoing project site in Zugdidi Botanical Garden. The World Bank backed project under implementation by the Municipal Development Fund of Georgia  was initiated this year; its total cost averages  GEL  12 million.

Zugdidi Botanical Garden infrastructure was damaged and required rehabilitation.

The project envisages rehabilitation of the buildings and fencing located in the garden area and arrangement of water supply, irrigation, wastewater and drainage systems, as well as installation of water supply system and headworks for the artificial lake existing in the design area. The project also provides for arrangement of pedestrian footpaths and public toilets.    

Currently, works are ongoing for construction of gardener’s house, watch box  and ticket office.  There are 120 persons employed at the project site.  After project completion, some 70 personnel will be employed at the updated infrastructural facility.  

Improvement of Zugdidi Botanical Garden will contribute to increase of tourist flow and number of visitors and generate favorable conditions for development of touristic potential.

According to the project, rehabilitation works will be completed in June of 2019.