About Fund

The Municipal Development Fund of Georgia was established in 1997. The Fund is cooperating with all large investment banks and financial institutions operating in Georgia. It is coordinated by the Supervisory Board approved by the Government of Georgia and the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia.


The Municipal Development Fund of Georgia (MDF) is a Legal Entity under Public Law (LEPL) with the objective of assisting to enhancement of institutional and financial capacities of local self-governmental bodies, making investments in local infrastructure and services, and improvement of main economic and social conditions for the local population. MDF implements the significant infrastructural projects such as: urban renovation of the cities, arrangement of infrastructure at tourist and cultural heritage monuments, construction and rehabilitation of schools and kindergartens, improvement of infrastructure aimed at preventing the natural disasters, creation of sustainable economic base for IDPs, rehabilitation of WS and WSSs, construction of shelters for homeless animals, arrangement of the cable ways, renovation of sports infrastructure, and enhancement of the component in support of State and Private Sector Investments (PPI).