May 12, 2012

Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) document for Section 1 of Modernization of Tbilisi-Rustavi Urban Road project

Executive Summary
The modernization of road section-1of 4 km from Tbilisi to Phonichala forms a part of Tbilisi-Rustavi Highway with a total length of 17.1 km is one of the components /sub-projects identified for reconstruction. The Municipal Development Fund of Georgia (MDF) is the project executing, implementing and disbursing agency. The MDF is the Employer and acts on behalf of the municipality and the Road Department of Georgia. The project will focus on the improvement of the existing transport services linking Tbilisi to Rustavi. The Project includes targeted measures and specific facilities such as provision of interchanges, road widening, bus stops, road marking, revetment, stabilization treatment of sanitary area, footbridge or underpass to ensure a quick, safe and reliable bus services and guarantee proper physical connection with metro network at the entrance of the city.
The national consulting firm WEG has been engaged by DOHWA Engineering Ltd/Transproject Ltd to prepare and deliver the IEE for Tbilisi-Phonichala Project to MDF.