World Bank Financed Second Regional and Municipal Infrastructure Development Project - Environmental and Social Management and Resettlement Policy Frameworks

March 24, 2014

The objective the Second Regional and Municipal Infrastructure Development project is to improve the efficiency and reliability of targeted municipal services and infrastructure. This will be achieved by investing in high-priority local infrastructure improvements, and by supporting LSGs in enhancing their capacity and systems for service delivery.

The Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) presents the procedures and implementation arrangements for ensuring full consideration of environmental safeguards, in accordance with the World Bank’s environmental assessment guidelines and the national environmental regulations of Georgia, in the screening, approval and implementation of investment sub-projects financed under the Regional and Municipal Infrastructure Development Project (RMIDP) II.


This Resettlement Policy Framework  (RPF), covering involuntary resettlement and land acquisition issues,  takes into account the approaches to land acquisition and resettlement issues by the Government of Georgia, and the World Bank, and best international practice.  The document provides the framework for assuring mutually accepted compliance to the concerns of all parties.