Integrated Revitalization of Cultural Heritage Sites in Ninotsminda and David-Gareja

September 28, 2015

The subproject (SP) is being implemented under Regional Development Project (RDP) and envisages integrated revitalization of cultural heritage sites trough arrangement of the light tourist infrastructure in Ninotsminda and David-Gareja, This SP includes works for arrangement of tourist infrastructure, monk cells, power supply, and water supply and sewage systems for David Gareja Monastery Complex. The activities planned in Ninotsminda are similar to to works in daviT Gareja and envisages arrangement of the tourist infrastructure and water supply system for Ninotsminda Church (Cathedral). SP is the second phase of the SP implemented in Ninotsminda and David Gareja and aims to correct shortfalls remaining after the first phase of the SP and carry out additional works.

Environmental Review and Environmental Management Plan for the SP is available at the following link:


 ER-Integrated Revitalization of Cultural Heritage Site of Ninotsminda Monastery

ER-Integrated Revitalization of Cultural Heritage Site of David Gareji Monastery Complex