Rehabilitation of Tsikhisubani – Gortubani – Zedubani - Afieti Road Section (Adigeni Municipality)

March 1, 2023
Municipality: Adigeni
Donor: WB

 The sub-project (SP) provides for rehabilitation of the motor road of local importance connecting villages Tsikhisubani, Ghortubani, Zedubani, and Afieti of Adigheni Municipality. The road section starts at the village Tsikhisubani, crosses the village Ghortubani, following which it joins villages Zedubani and Afieti.

On September 23, 2022, the MDF organized public consultation to discuss the Project and Environmental and Social Screening Report, Environmental, and Social Management Plan prepared for the sub-project “Rehabilitation works of 4.4 km section of road between Tsikhisubani-Gortubani-Zedubani-Afieti Road Rehabilitation in Adigeni Municipality. Consultation meeting details (date, time and contact information) were included in the announcement. The announcements were posted on the streets of the villages: Tsikhisuban, Gortubani, Zedubani, Afieti, as well as on the Adigeni municipality city hall information board and on the website of the MDF.

The Environmental and Social Management Plan of the Subproject is available at the following link:

02_ESMP_Tsikhisubani_2022_November_FINAL_CLEAN eng