Rehabilitation of several sections of Municipal Roads in Tskhaltubo Municipality

July 12, 2022
Municipality: Tskaltubo
Donor: WB

 The Sub-project„Rehabilitation of several sections of Municipal Roads in Tskhaltubo Municipality, is being implemented under the Second Regional and Municipal Development Project Additional Financing (SRMIDP-AF) supported by the World Bank. The sub-project (SP) aims to rehabilitate municipal roads in Tskhaltubo Municipality. In particular, this includes rehabilitation of 10 (ten) road subsections in several neighborhoods of Tskaltubo Municipality villages, including Partskhanakanevi, Maglaki, and Zeda Meskheti. The total length of roads is approximately 31.3 km.


On July 8, 2021, a public consultation meeting was conducted online through Zoom application due to the pandemic situation in the country.


The Environmental and Social Management Plan of the Subproject is available at the following link:

ESMP_Tskaltubo Roads_FINAL