Restoration and Adaptation of Borjomi Cavalry Building as a Museum, Borjomi Municipality

May 15, 2019
Municipality: Borjomi
Donor: WB

The SP will be implemented under the Third Regional Development Project (RDP III), supported by the World Bank. The SP envisages adaptation of former Borjomi Cavalery building as a Museum.


The Environmental Review is available at:

Municipal Development Fund of Georgia, #150 D. Agmashenebeli ave., Tel: 2 43 70 01 / 202.    

Contact persons

Nutsa Gumberidze, Beneficiary relations specialist,  mob: 5 98 88 20 19,  e-mail:







Giorgi Kipiani, the head of architecture, infrastructure and supervision department of Borjomi City Hall  

phone: 557 09 08 68


Environmental Review prepared for the SP is available at the following link:


ESR__Restoration and Adaptation of Borjomi Cavalry Building as a Museum.pdf