Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) document for Detailed Design of Marshal Gelovani Avenue and Right Bank Intersection (SUTIP 2)

November 16, 2018
Municipality: Tbilisi
Donor: ADB

Development of a sustainable urban transport network is a key component for the development of urban areas in Georgia which can enhance the role of Tbilisi as an important business center in the South Caucasus region. 


Considering this, Sustainable Urban Transport Investment Program (SUTIP) (Tranche 2), financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), covers Detailed Design of Marshal Gelovani Avenue and Right Bank Intersection.
Within the scope of the project, two interchanges are planned to provide on the existing Highway what will allow canceling the traffic lights at Marshal Gelovani Avenue and Mtkvari right bank junction and avoid traffic jams along this road section. Under the project, the length of the planned underpasses will be 31.0 m and 51. m, respectively.
The project is not among the activities under the Annex I of the Environment Assessment Code. So, the project does not require the preparation of an environmental impact assessment document. Based on the existing ADB Environmental Safeguards Policy (2009), this Project falls under ADB’s project Category B. An Initial Environmental Assessment (IEE) has been prepared as part of the process of compliance with the ADB Safeguard Policy Statement (2009). The document has been confirmed by the donor, publicly disclosed and discussed at a consultation meeting on November 14th, 2018. 
The IEE provides a road map to the environmental measures needed to prevent and/or mitigate negative environmental effects associated with the project. The IEE: 
  • Describes the existing socio-environmental conditions within the Project area; 
  • Describes the extent, duration and severity of potential impacts; 
  • Analyzes all significant impacts; and 
  • Formulates the mitigation actions and presents it all in the form of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP).
The final version of the IEE document is available at the following link: