Georgian Sustainable Urban Transport Investment Program, Environmental Monitoring Report for SUTIP 2

August 17, 2016


Sustainable Urban Transport Investment Program SUTIP 2 (ADB Loan 2879-GEO, 2880--GEO) aims at development of the efficient, reliable and affordable urban infrastructure and service improvement in Georgia.


This Environmental Monitoring Report was prepared as Environmental Audit Report to comply with the 2009 ADB’s SPS and Georgian legislation, including Safeguards Requirements and aims to identify past and present concerns from the construction activities of the “Modernization of Tbilisi-Rustavi Section of the Tbilisi-Red Bridge (Azerbaijani Border) Road (Sections 1 and 3)” Project that related to impacts on environment. The specific objectives of the audit are as follows:


  • Determine and verify whether all environmental requirements, criteria and constraints, prescribed in IEE, SSEMP/EMP and the Concessionaire’s Environmental Policy have been adhered to during the construction phase;
  • Determine and verify whether the mitigation actions and rehabilitation requirements contained in the SSEMP/EMP have been appropriate and successful to prevent or control environmental pollution and/or damage;
  • Ensure that an appropriate environmental monitoring and control program exists to follow up on mitigation and rehabilitation works completed during the construction phase;
  • Ensure that appropriate environmental monitoring and control program exists for monitoring of all environmental aspects during the operational phase;
  • To identify any shortcomings in the SSEMP /EMP and EMS system implemented during the construction phase and to recommend alterations to the EMS applicable to the operational phase.


Environmental Monitoring Report for the project implemented under the Tranche 2 of the SUTIP 2, covers the period of January-June, 2016.



Environmental Monitoring Report-July, 2016