Batumi Coastal Protection Project Consultation meeting with local population On June 6th, 11:00 #23 Lekh and Maria Kachinski str

June 3, 2019
Municipality: Batumi
Donor: ADB

On June 6th 2019, at 11:00 in Batumi #23 Lekh and Maria Kachinski str, consultation meeting with local population will be held for the “Batumi Coastal Protection” SP. Detailed information on the opening section of the coastal zone and safety measures in summer season 2019 will be provided to the audience.

The sub-project is implemented by the Municipal Development Fund of Georgia within the SUTIP 4 Sustainable Urban Transport Investment Program with the financial support of the Asian Development Bank.

Community Health and Safety Plan for opening the Beach during Summer Season 2019, is accessible at: Municipal Development Fund of Georgia - D. Agmashenebeli Ave. #150, Tel: 243 70 01/313


Contact Persons:

Nutsa Gumberidze, Beneficiary Relations specialist at Municipal Development Fund of Georgia, mob: 598 88 20 19, e-mail:


Sulkhan Evgenidze, Director of the Infrastructure Development Department, mob: 591 11 50 00

Opening Beach during Summer Season 2019-F2.pdf