Road Rehabilitation to JSC Friends’Cellar, Kvareli Municipality

December 28, 2018
Municipality: Kvareli
Donor: WB

Road Rehabilitation to JSC Friends’Cellar is implemented under the Second Regional and Municipal Infrastructure Development Project (SRMIDP) - Public-Private Investment (PPI) supported by World Bank.

The existing road has no cover and is in a very poor condition. So, transportation is too hard for locals as well as for the hotel visitors and tourists. The road will be covered by gravel according to the SP design.

Moreover, the SP envisages arrangement of outdoor lightning to JSC Friends’ Cellar.



Contact persons:                                                


Nutsa Gumberidze - Beneficiary Relations Specialist

mob: 598882019




Mariam Shekeladze - PR of Kvareli Municipality Mayor

Mob: 555575787    


JSD Friends Cellar Road