Rehabilitation of aisles’ roofing, socle and drainage system for the Church of the Virgin of Gelati

February 8, 2018
Municipality: Qutaisi
Donor: WB

The Sub-project is the second phase of the SP – “Rehabilitation and Conservation of the Stone Surface and Structure of the Church of the Virgin at Gelati Monastery” which has been implemented under the WB financed Second Regional Development Program (RDP 2). 

This sub-project (SP) is for the conservation of a stone masonry of the Church of the Virgin at Gelati Monastery - UNESCO World Heritage site. The objective of this project is execution of the activities, required for total rehabilitation of Church of the Virgin of Gelati, in particular:   Rehabilitation of eaves of aisles of the Church; Roofing of aisles by means of glazed tile; Restoration of identified historical hearth plug; Rehabilitation of eastern, western and southern socles; Rehabilitation of drainage system of the Church.

Environmental and Social Management Plan of the SP is available at the following link:

Gelati church (phase 2)_eng_FINAL